Born in Paris, but living in England. The talented R&B, Afro-Soul and professional drummer has got a mission to share his vision of love which has been shaped by his experience from personal relationships with the world in his own unique style.

Influenced musically by the likes of the legendary Fela Kuti, Robert Glasper and Jay Dee. IB Love`s music takes the best of these musical influences blended with his own style to create a unique flavour of bouncy and groovy sound mixed with elements of a smooth jazz feel.

His debut single "Best Seller" was the beginning of a journey that has seen the talented artist grow from strength to strength with every release. His second single "Lay Down" showcased his raw talent and authenticity. Connecting with DJ Enigma to work on his forthcoming EP resulted in the talented artist buying into the vision and ethos of Oofy Media Team (OMT) so much so he is now a bonafide member of the team. Together IB Love`s third single "PomPom" has been professionally crafted to the point where it has become his best project yet. The team continue in the studio working on his debut EP.